COMPUTERS MAINTAINED ON WINDOWS 7 PRO by locally owned Brilliance below in blue


NEXTKAST Automation Software downloadable on the web from a United States  software provider with link provided below:


COMPUTERS MAINTAINED ON WINDOWS 7 PRO by locally owned Brilliance Computers 


My program is recorded weekly in my own home-studio with the finest of broadcast equipment (picture below) and is presented at varying times by your community minded radio stations and is not live on any of these stations......THANKS for being a loyal listener and TO EMAIL THE PROGRAM DIRECTLY USE THE email address below in blue...


> Times in ATLANTIC TIME - links to stations in BLUE <

CFEP 105.9 Eastern Passage Community Radio (SeasideFM)  (their good music?)

  SUNDAYS 6pm - 8pm   &   Every 2nd MONDAY  8pm-10pm    then click "Listen Live" icon


CJQC 99.3 Queens County Community Radio  (QCCR) Liverpool Nova Scotia

   Sundays 8pm - 10pm               click link to listen


CKOA 88.7 Glace Bay Community Radio (Home of the VIPs) Nova Scotia

   Sundays 10pm - Midnight       click link to listen 


CFTA  107.9  Tantramar Community Radio  Amherst     Nova Scotia

   Sundays  7pm - 9pm and  Mondays 9pm - 11pm       click link to listen           


 CKVB 100.1 Bay Of Islands Community Radio in Corner Brook  Newfoundland.

  Sundays  9pm - 11pm    link  listen live

 (Newfoundland Time is 1/2 hour ahead of Atlantic Time)


 CICR 99.1 Parrsboro (Nova Scotia) Your Community Radio

   Sat 3pm - 5pm  


 The 902~HXIR     Halifax Internet Radio (7x24 Commercial Free) 

   Fridays 6pm - 8pm   &   Sundays 6pm - 8pm     click link to listen


SHEET HARBOUR Community Radio CHHR  94.7fm

various times   NEW STATION! -  Welcome!


 WDCR West Kelowna (British Columbia) Community Radio

.                     SATURDAYS at 12 noon Pacific Time weekly        click link  





The Look For A Star studio in Gordon Heffler's home (photo by Robert Cooke) (captions by Jim Smith)

Program Provided on a volunteer basis to SEVEN Community-minded FM Radio Stations and TWO Internet stations


 The weekly two hour program features a star artist - music genre -year or decade - or period in music with biographic information and focuses on the period in music from the 1940's 50's 60's 70's mostly....


 PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR HOMETOWN  FM RADIO STATION....   they are keeping "good" radio and  "good" music alive for you...they work hard every day so that you will hear the best that radio has to offer your community!!




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Every so often we will  present our special feature on Look For A Star called Tribute to Loren Feven's Sentimental Journey Program from the past which will play one of Loran Feven's 2 hour archived programs from the past.  He retired due to health reasons.................


When I last visited Loran in Yarmouth at "The Meadows" 339 Pleasant Street, near Christmas he was in good spirits and as always, the perfect mild mannered gentleman. He has challenges ahead of him health-wise but is ready to face them and he has a great positve attitute and I assured him that we will keep his music alive regulary on my programs as much as is possible, Loran Thanks all his loyal listers for their years of loyalty and the many letters over the years as well as the Christmas cards and well-wishes. Loran is now residing in his hometown of Yarmouth near his caring family......./Gordon